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The Naked PC
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Table of Contents

I. Acquiring Your New PC

  1. Deciding on the Basic System Components
  2. Choosing System Peripherals
  3. Pricing Issues
  4. When and When Not to Assemble Your PC
  5. Configuring Your PC

II. Making the PC Yours

  1. Customizing Your New PC
  2. Going Further with Additional Customizations
  3. Staying Ahead of the Game

III. Avoiding Problems

  1. Preparing for Disaster
  2. Good Habits for a Trouble-Free System
  3. Backing Up
  4. Cleaning Up
  5. Security at Work and at Home

IV. Choosing More Software

  1. Deciding on Common Applications
  2. Learning, Education, and Gaming
  3. Managing Devices and Device Drivers

V. Using the Internet

  1. Making Internet Connections
  2. Choosing Internet Applications

VI. Recovering From Disaster

  1. Recovering from a PC Disaster
  2. Taming Technical Support


  1. Glossary
  2. Further Reading
  3. Important Documents

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