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The Naked PC
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What Are Readers Saying About TUGPCs?

  • I would like to thank each and every one of you for writing a book like this one. You have helped out a 59 year old man and his wife. See, even old dogs can learn new tricks if the information is presented in the right way.
    - C. E.

  • Great book, full of good sound advice and gives a clear explanation of PC's in an easy readable format. Have subscribed to your newsletter and eagerly await the first issue.
    - John M.

  • I want to tell you [that] your book has cleared up a lot of questions that I have had for awhile about my home system. I like the various tips, and the shareware/freeware packages that are mentioned. Worth it's weight in gold!
    - Cheryl H.

  • This excellent book is the best solution for all your questions and problems. It will save you lots of money, time and anger.
    - Dalia

  • It's packed full of important knowledge and valuable tips that you can use to take full control of your computer. [It] doesn't waste time on mouse tutorials--it dives right into the productivity tricks of experienced users. Users will find easy-to-implement changes that really improve the utility of commonly used programs.
    - David Wall for

  • This is undoubtedly the most informative and readable book on PCs I've read.
    - Rob H.

  • It is without a doubt the best book I have read on computers ever. I love the tone [and] made me laugh more than once, and as for the advice, well, that was priceless.
    - Andrew H.

  • There are all sorts of useful tips contained in the book that either novice or export PC users will find extremely helpful. I kept reading things, nodding my head and thinking "that's a good idea!"
    - Chris S.

  • The idea of your NEAT box for a home PC is brilliant, and worth the price of the book by itself. I'm making one up for mine now. Great book.
    - Peter S.

  • Keep writing good books, software and newletters and I'll keep buying them!
    - Al S.

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