The Book That Should Have Come with Your Computer

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What's this book-on-a-disc all about?

Picture this...

You decide to buy a new PC. It might be your first. It might be an upgrade. No matter. You're plunking down a big chunk o' change for a small gray box and some peripherals. First you need a checklist, an honest-to-goodness, soup-to-nuts checklist that covers every aspect of buying a PC: components, operating system, software, peripherals, training, price, reliability, service options, upgrades, warranty, channel... we cover it all. You kick some tires, you buy one, and while you're unpacking all the stuff, trying to set the PC up according to -- if you're lucky -- a tri-fold setup brochure the size of a cocktail napkin written in an obscure (that's being kind) style, what do you get?

Missing cables, label-less connectors, undecipherable "universal" symbols, disk drives dead out of the box, no sound, pre-loaded software broken or missing... the potential for disaster is tremendous. Even if you get everything connected and running properly, we guarantee there is absolutely no documentation in the box to answer the following question, "What do I do with my PC now?" Is it set up optimally? Should I arrange that 8-gigabyte drive into multiple partitions? Must I live with what the preinstalled software lets me do? Who decided to put all these desktop enhancements on here? I want Windows set up just like I have it set up at work. Hey, this version of Windows is out of date, how to I get the latest version? You get the idea.

The Book That Should Have Come with Your Computer solves these problems. Chapters on how to buy a PC, assembly, configuration, customization, staying ahead of the hardware and software "feature creep" game, disaster planning and recovery, good habits for disaster prevention, common applications, managing peripherals, using the Internet... WOW!

This is a practical, no-nonsense ebook that tells you precisely what you need to know and do about PCs, not everything you can possibly know and do. Exactly what you'd expect from the folks who bring you truth by the gleaming merciless truckload, issue after issue, in our free electronic newsletter The Naked PC. In fact, the newsletter and the book are cut from the same philosophical and technical cloth.

The Book That Should Have Come with Your Computer is written for all the PC neophytes who are unexpectedly blasted out of the water when they buy their first computer, and for all the experienced PC users who are disappointed every time they get a new computer. We ride up like the cavalry and explain how not to be disappointed anymore, or for the first time, or ever again, whoever the reader may be... how to fight back, how to get some return on one's PC investment, and to have fun reading along to boot. This ebook is rife with PC ownership issues that nobody ever writes about, but that everybody experiences. What's more, the PDF format lets us put the book on a CD-ROM and make the entire text of the book searchable. Find what you're interested in fast!

We hope you enjoy reading it, and hope you stay tuned each issue in The Naked PC!

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