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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Dear Friend,

One day computers just stopped being fun. Do you spend all your Internet time updating every program you own? Is your system starting to get "flaky"? Do you feel like your computer runs you? Ready to turn that all around? If so then this might be the most important letter you'll read this week. Now that's a strong statement and you may be asking yourself...

Who Are These Guys?

T.J. Lee, Dan Butler, and Lee Hudspeth - the smiling faces in the pictures above - are expert computer users and consultants. Our award-winning advice has been seen in PC Computing magazine, Office Computing, Undocumented Office, Ziff Davis Smart Business Tips of the Day, and eBay Magazine for years. Between us we've written eight computer books. In addition we publish the biweekly electronic newsletter, The Naked PC, on topics that affect your daily life. But enough about us. Hear what some readers of the first edition of The Book That Should Have Come With Your Computer had to say.

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"Informative and readable"

This is undoubtedly the most informative and readable book on PCs I've read.
- Rob H.

"Full of good sound advice"

Great book, full of good sound advice and gives a clear explanation of PC's in an easy readable format. Have subscribed to your newsletter and eagerly await the first issue.
- John M.

"Thank you for writing a book like this one."

I would like to thank each and every one of you for writing a book like this one. You have helped out a 59 year old man and his wife. See, even old dogs can learn new tricks if the information is presented in the right way.
- C. E.

"Worth its weight in gold"

I want to tell you how much I am enjoying reading your book, the Unofficial Guide to PCs. It's very readable and straightforward, with a conversational feel to it. [Your book] has cleared up a lot of questions that I have had for awhile about my home system. I like the various tips, and the shareware/freeware packages that are mentioned. I have dog-eared many a page for later reference. Worth its weight in gold, but I'm glad that wasn't the cover price!
- Cheryl H.

"Unbiased technical information"

This is such a great book I hope the authors keep it under revision to update the technology. I found the content easy to use and keep it as a ready reference. Any computer sales person in their right mind will have this within reach if they really want to help a customer make a sound decision on "Unbiased" technical information.
- David S.

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Frankly we're tired of reading long lists of arcane changes you can make to your computer for some marginal gain. Sure they help for a little while. But you never know when they'll come back to haunt you. And when you reinstall your system who can remember all those little tweaks? In The Book That Should Have Come With Your Computer we give the easy step-by-step system we use on our own computers. Carefully honed over the years and stripped down to just the time-saving essentials.

*The painless way to make usable backups of your computer. (Once you try this technique you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. Just set it up once and you'll never be at the mercy of your hard drive again.) (Ch. 11)

*The "Instant Expert" method of searching for information on the Internet. You'll learn how to quickly get up to speed on any topic. (Ch. 15)

*"Taming Tech Support" will make you the master of your next call to a computer vendor. (Ch. 20)

*How to find the best Internet Service Provider. Some of these tips will surprise you. (Ch. 17)

*Which applications you should always have at your fingertips. (Ch. 14)

*The truth about long distance education and how to take advantage of it. (Ch. 15)

*The secrets of the NEAT box. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it. (Ch. 4)

*How to prepare for disaster - before it strikes. (Ch. 9)

*The ongoing maintenance that will keep your computer in tip top shape. We tell you what to do then show you how to put it on auto pilot. (Ch. 10)

*How to stay on top of system and software upgrades and still have time for the fun stuff. (Ch. 8)

*Our simple three-point Security & Privacy Checklist you can use at home or work. (Ch. 13)

*Techniques for "camouflaging" your sensitive data from prying eyes. Techniques that you'll actually use. (Ch. 13)

*Encryption - do you need it? We tell you and show how and when to use it. (Ch. 13)

*When to assemble your new PC - and where to get parts after the stores are closed! (Ch. 4)

*How to take control of your menus and system settings. These are the changes we make to every PC we set up. (Ch. 6 & 7)

*Clean up after Microsoft - we tell you which files you can really live without and how to rid yourself of them. Then put it on auto pilot. (Ch. 12)

*Child proof your PC to protect your valuable data from little hands. (Ch. 13)

*The one thing you should never do with a Shop-Vac!

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"Will save you lots of money, time and anger."

This excellent book is the best solution for all your questions and problems. It will save you lots of money, time and anger.
- Dalia

"Easy-to-implement changes"

It's packed full of important knowledge and valuable tips that you can use to take full control of your computer. This book doesn't waste time on mouse tutorials--it dives right into the productivity tricks of experienced users. Users will find easy-to-implement changes that really improve the utility of commonly used programs.
- David Wall for Amazon.com

"Put together your own system without a second thought!"

It's amazing how much stuff you'll find on the care and feeding of your system in this book. From purchasing proper hardware to finding software that suits your needs -- the authors cover every issue very well. The opinions expressed are unbiased and (more importantly) straightforward. Put together your own system without a second thought!
- Lockergnome

"Worth the bargain price."

To me "Recovering from a PC Disaster", "Taming Tech Support", and the "Resource Directory" plus "Important Documents" in the Appendix alone are worth the bargain price.
- P.V.

"Convenient and helpful"

A big plus are the "Unofficially," "Bright Idea," and "Watch Out!" icons in the scholar's margin. They are intuitive, convenient and helpful, without being distracting or confusing.
- review on Amazon

"Allowed me to actually get questions answered."

This book is great. The depth of the detail provided allowed me to actually get questions answered without ending up with more questions than I started with.
- review on Amazon

"Excellent explanations"

Simply the best. Comprehensive, excellent explanations. There is no fat in the writing, and the book is packed with information.
- review on Amazon

"Fun reading"

Haven't had as much fun reading "explanations and descriptions" in a long time. A most complete and readable effort... CLAPPING!!!
- R. W. Boyles

"NEAT box idea is brilliant"

The idea of your NEAT box for a home PC is brilliant, and worth the price of the book by itself. I'm making one up for mine now. Great book.
- review on Amazon

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The Book That Should Have Come With Your Computer is nearly 400 pages of practical hands-on advice on a single CD disc complete with illustrations. Each section is broken down to an easy-to-digest size. You'll easily understand exactly how to apply each tip. And we point out how each section relates to the other so you'll come away with a total understanding of your system.

Are sections of this book dated? Some of them. The tables on processors are a little out of date. And the system customization steps are aimed at Windows 98. But keep in mind that most of these changes are common even to the newer operating systems. All but a handful of pages in this book are dedicated to topics common to all versions of Windows. Plus the sections on using the Internet for education, support, and searching are useful to anyone who uses the Internet.

You've probably seen books with more white space than text. Or lots of pictures that never get around to really telling you how to accomplish anything. Not here. There are pictures of the task at hand when it's appropriate. Plus you'll find plenty of our Money Saver, Watch Out, Bright Idea, and Unofficially tips liberally sprinkled throughout the book. We've color coded those so you won't miss them.

In addition to the book we are including the following bonuses.

  • The Official Naked PC Screen Saver. Pithy words of wisdom and cool sound effects to keep your monitor safe from whatever screen savers are supposed to protect it from these days. A fun and silly utility that is very entertaining.
  • Printed Quick Start Guide to point you to our favorite sections.
  • Full instructions on how to quickly find the information you are looking for. You'll use these tips on every PDF document you open from now on.
  • Full demonstration copies of our popular PRIME Utilities. These include the indispensable PRIME DocLauncher utility that works with all Office 2000 and 2002 applications, plus productivity add-ins for Word and Excel 2000 and Word and Excel 97. These are the tools we use to put hours back in our daily lives.
  • A discount coupon good towards future updates to The Book That Should Have Come With Your Computer.
  • Discount coupons good towards other purchases from The Naked PC Company Store.

You get all of this on one multimedia CD-ROM. The handy menu makes it easy for you to access the information. And we've kept it simple - nothing to install on your system. Just put the CD in your drive and go!

Advantages to the CD-ROM version

  • Fully searchable - quickly find everything you need
  • Color screen shots make it much easier to understand what you are doing
  • Zoom in on any screen shot to get more details
  • Color coded tips are easy to spot as you scroll through
  • Many different ways to quickly find the information you want
  • Works on just about any computer platform
  • You can click the hyperlinks and go directly to the Web pages mentioned

In addition to the advantages Adobe Acrobat offers we've added our own navigation tools to the file. Our tools combined with the native Acrobat navigation make it super easy to find exactly what you're after, quickly.

You get all of this information and more for only $29.95. We pay the postage on all books shipped within the United States. Buy the book and put just a few of our suggestions to work and you'll agree that it's a bargain. Think of it this way - putting your PC maintenance on auto pilot can put hours back into your days. Plus you'll have the peace of mind that comes from being prepared - before disaster strikes.

You have our pledge on that.

Dan Butler
The Naked PC newsletter

PS - We poured all of our knowledge into this book. You deserve all of it. If you are tired of fixing, configuring, and updating your computer then our book will remove that drudgery and show you how to have fun with your computer again.

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¹This ebook is the electronic version, in PDF format on CD-ROM, of the printed book The Unofficial Guide to PCs originally published by QUE.