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Norton Utilities 2001

by Lee Hudspeth

Here's a listing of all the articles in my Norton Utilities 2001 series, in chronological order.

Here's a a table showing each individual tool's name (19 in all), its category (find/fix problems, system maintenance, etc.), direct links to the TNPC article that reviewed each tool, and a Yes/No column for Windows 2000 compatibility.

Utility Name Category TNPC Issue Supported in Windows 2000?
Speed Disk Optimize Performance 4.09 Yes
Optimization Wizard Optimize Performance 4.09 No
Speed Start Optimize Performance 4.09 No (Win95 only)
System Check Find/Fix Problems 4.18 No
System Doctor Find/Fix Problems 4.18 Yes
UnErase Wizard Find/Fix Problems 4.18 Yes
Disk Doctor Find/Fix Problems 4.18 Yes
WinDoctor Find/Fix Problems 4.18 Yes
Protection Find/Fix Problems 4.18 Yes
System Information System Maintenance 4.05 Yes
WipeInfo System Maintenance 4.08 No
Image System Maintenance 4.08 No
File Compare System Maintenance 4.06 No
Diagnostics System Maintenance 4.06 No
Rescue Disk System Maintenance 4.19 No
Registry Tracker Registry Management 4.19 No
Registry Editor Registry Management 4.19 No
Integrator n/a 4.19 Yes
Disk Editor DOS-based 4.19 No offers Norton Utilities 2001 5.0 for $27.99 (after manufacturer's mail-in rebate of $15.00, but the rebate applies only to previous owners of stand-alone versions): click here.

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