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Announcing the TNPC Store

by T.J. Lee
This article first appeared in TNPC #3.22

When we opened the TNPC Store we underestimated two things. How much work would be involved in setting up the procedures for dealing with physical inventory and the mailing out of same. And the immense popularity of the Photon Micro-Lights! We've had readers from all over the world order, then reorder more lights once they've seen how cool these pocket flashlights are.

On this page you can find some of the comments sent to us by TNPCers how have purchased merchandise as the TNPC Store.

First of all, let me say the lights were a hit at Christmas! All the guys loved the red lights for camping. Your website was very thorough and helpful in choosing the right light. As for the Blue vs. Turquoise, it's a toss-up. One member of our family is night-blind and really likes the brightness of the Turquoise. Another prefers the darker shade of blue, claiming it's easier on the eyes.
— TNPCer Barry A.

We received our lights, and are they COOL! They are certainly lightweight enough to take everywhere... last night we were having a romantic dinner in a very dark restaurant where I couldn't read the menu without one. Micro-light to the rescue!
— TNPCer Debby A.

They're great! I had fun going in a closet to test which I liked best and confirming the information on your site regarding which color was the brighter light. I have already given several away as gifts!
— TNPCer Carole L.

I bought 3 Micro-Lights recently and am very pleased with them. I am now ordering 4 more and the Accessory Kit to give away as Christmas gifts.
— TNPCer Otis S.

I'm having these [3 lights] sent to my friend so he can bring them out here to us in Uzbekistan! Keep up the great work at TNPC!
— TNPCer Greg G.

Liked the first 2, and decided to get [6] more...
— TNPCer Chris J.

Nice lights. I am using a red one every night when I walk my dogs. We have few street lights and the red one allows me to maintain my night vision. These white ones will compliment the red ones nicely.
— TNPCer Gary F.

Thanks for shipping my Micro-Lights promptly. Received them in very good condition yesterday by mail and am very satisfied with my purchase. Your newsletter is superb and very informative.
— TNPCer M. P.

I received my 12 Photon Micro-Lights purchased from your store. They arrived in pristine condition, due to the excellent packaging. Their brightness is truly amazing. One has to see it to believe it. Thanks for revealing these golden treasures (like your TNPC newsletter).
— TNPCer Sol S.

I bought the white model and I'm amazed how bright it is. I bought three of the blue's for family members and they are even brighter than the white. If I hadn't seen them mentioned in TNPC I wouldn't have gotten one. Your credibility is that high with me.
— TNPCer Roger H.

These lights are so small and so lightweight that it's incredible how much light they produce. I've added a turquoise light to my keychain and put a red one on the night stand. I wish I'd had one the last time I was under my desk at work trying to reconnect my computer components.
— TNPCer Barbara D.

Please send by Global Priority Mail and I thank you for being considerate enough to inform me of this [cheaper shipping method]. Best wishes and thank you again, from an appreciative customer.
— TNPCer Peter D.

First, thank you for going the extra step to clarify what you considered might have been a mistake on my part in ordering. Let me confirm it is not a mistake; I ordered a blue light several weeks ago and I decided to order a set of batteries [for the blue, along with ordering the red light]. I am anxious to try the red. I want to once again express my appreciation for the concern you had, even somewhat envious of the way in which your now closer knit community has something so useful in common. May God bless you.
— TNPCer Stu K.

Thanks for shopping at the TNPC Store and helping to keep TNPC free.

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